De Herbal Garden (Family Owned & Operated)

Corneilus Mitchell, Grandmother

De Herbal Garden is a family-owned company that focuses on creating natural products to support your health. Founded in 1918, during the Spanish Influenza pandemic, the lessons learned were passed down by our grandmother, Corneilus Mitchell. The Family proudly continues to share her teachings to this day.

At that time, the family had one goal; to serve the people who were suffering due to the flu pandemic. The Mitchell family wanted to share their knowledge and years of experience to help people improve their immunity. They had a clear initiative to use nature's abundant healing power and fight the flu.

The family's humble home-based apothecary was a solace for scores of people that came to them for help during the pandemic.

The Mitchell family took to this herculean task with dedication and banking on the family's handcrafted recipes and the knowledge of healing herbs. The wisdom of Native American ancestors that had been passed down through generations was helpful to their community. Little did they know this humble beginning will be the start of an incredible journey.

We still carry the same mission even today. De Herbal Garden now proudly serves many customers across the country. It operates with the best and most knowledgeable herbalists that meticulously clean, and process to provide the best quality and premium herbal ingredients to its patrons.

Our goal is to use the families handcrafted, healing recipes to improve health and overall well-being. These handcrafted recipes have been passed down through generations.

Meet our family, and enjoy the teachings past down for generations that kept us healthy. Recently inspired by Dr. Sebi, our Sea Moss Gels, and Elderberry Syrups are handled with the same love and attention we administer to our own family. Improving on our heritage, and ever-continuing our education, and dedication, to serve you better.

Mitchell Family

De Herbal Garden is in New Orleans, and it is LA-based. The Mitchell Family believes that using herbs, herbal medicine, natural skincare, and prayer can heal and transform your mind, body, and spirit. We are dedicated to sharing with you the phenomenal power of Mother Nature's most fabulous creations.

Our Native American ancestors knew that plants are potent healers.

Cheers to Health!

The Mitchell Family