What is Irish Sea Moss?

Sea moss Chondrus crispus (Rhodophyta), commonly known as Irish sea moss or Red Seaweed, has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Praised for its medicinal properties and nutrient density, Sea Moss is rich in polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids, peptides, lipids, and pigments. In addition to this,  Sea Moss is abundant in trace minerals; providing 92 of the 102 trace minerals present in our bodies.

It can be taken as a supplement by the spoonful, or added to recipes as thickener due its lack of taste, but heavy thick texture. No matter how you use it, adding Sea Moss to a regular diet has been praised throughout time. More recently, Sea Moss is making a resurgence through the teachings of herbalists like Dr Sebi, and has become a buzzword in the biotech industry as nutrient booster.

In addition to this, Sea Moss also gained popularity due to the raw food movement. Proponents of raw food made extensive use of Sea Moss to improve the texture of their food and other food applications. Irish Sea Moss has carved a niche in modern herbal and functional medicine, given its benefits and culinary uses. Because it is almost tasteless and odorless, it is perfect to use as a nutritious kick starter in any food or beverage and is widely used in the food industry.

Common Uses:

  • Boost immune function
  • Aids digestion
  • Promote nerve health
  • Improve skin health
  • Encourage the growth of gut bacteria

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